Could You Start A Successful Company?

Ever wondered if you have what it takes to be the founder or CEO of a successful startup? This quiz will help you find out.

It takes a wide range of skills to run a successful business. As Chief Executive Officer, you need to be everything from visionary to manager to sales person to cheerleader — talk about wearing a lot of hats!

We've assembled the wisdom of some of the world's most experienced entrepreneurs and venture capitalists — gurus who have started more than a dozen companies themselves or founded multiple companies plus advised dozens to hundreds of other companies — about the most important traits and skills that must be embodied in top entrepreneurs to achieve startup success.

Take this quiz to find out:

  • How well your personality and skills are suited to founding a startup

  • How much you know about starting a successful company

  • Which famous startup CEO you're most like

  • What your greatest strengths and weaknesses are

  • What to look for in a co-founder

  • What areas you could work on to improve your chances of success

So how about it? Think you have what it takes?


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